Phewa Lake

Phewa lake is the second largest lake of Nepal and the largest lake of Pokhara valley. It is located in the south of the Pokhara at an altitude of 742 m/2,432 ft above sea level.

It covers an area of about 5.23 square kilometer and it has an average depth of about 8.6 m (28 ft).

The Phewa lake is one of the major attraction for foreign and national travelers as well. As in the middle of the lake, there is a temple of Barahi in the Island.

A number of visitors visit the temple and take boating experience on this lake. Barahi temple is the religious monument built in the middle of the lake.

Besides this, you can also get a great view of Mt. Macchapucchre from the Phewa Lake, the next attraction of the lake.

Explore the lake on boat tours you’ll be mesmerized as the lake is surrounded by Sarangkot and Kaskikot hills on the northern side.

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