David’s Falls

It is one of the major tourist attraction spots in Pokhara. Pokhara is the city of Nepal famous for its waterfalls and Davids fall is one of them.

This marvelous waterfall cascades down at the south side of the Phewa lake in Pokhara. It is in the gorge of the Seti river.

It is an area known for its beauty and tranquility and the legend of Devi’s fall add a touch of mystery to this site.

You can visit this site at any time at it is open on daily of the week. The mysterious fact of this waterfall is water of this fall comes from the Phewa lake, which eventually rushes down the waterfall and disappears.

The best time to visit this site is during monsoon season as the volume of the water increased significantly.

You’ll find many photographic opportunities at this site as the landscape surrounds David’s fall is spectacular.

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